The ‘No Trespassing’ sign and the padlock are in place. Yet, the gate is ajar. What does it mean?

Somebody has already entered inside. If it was the legitimate owner, why was the lock not opened? If it was not, who has beaten him to the finish line?  Or is it a subtle message from the owner about a possibility? Maybe, selective entry is available with certain terms and conditions. Maybe it is just the wind, and a misaligned gate….

Whatever the cause, there is a possibility of making an entry. This has been structured like the laws of the land. The courageous and privileged can always gain entry, if they can take the risk and/or afford the price.

The topmost businessman of the country had made up his mind. The booty lay at the other end, and trespassing was essential.

(141 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

10 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. There’s an older home on one of the main streets near where I live. There’s a sign out front saying something like, “No Trespassing. You won’t get a warning shot.” This is Idaho.

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  2. They alway say that to be successful in business one has to be ruthless, but that same ruthlessness can be tinged with compassion. Sadly this man does not seem to have any compassion. A fine use of the prompt.

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