Inner Spaces

I cannot sit in a room with wide open doors and windows. Curtains are essential companions. It is not a phobia or a fear of open spaces, but a level of comfort that I need.  Certain rooms have black curtains interspersed with black and bronze.

In some places, the winter sun makes its way through the curtain fabric, lending warmth and light. Green tea acquires golden hues, as I pour out thoughts on the laptop screen.

I take it as a sign of maturity. I value my privacy, but also cherish the interactions and reflections that enrich me. One cannot be an island. At the same time one can choose how much to share, how much of oneself can be put out there.

inner spaces are

not dark or mysterious

just a sanctum sanctorum

to be oneself

to regroup, refresh

and emerge anew


Sunday Writing Prompt #242



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