What’s it about love?

An early morning article says that love is not an emotion, it is a mental drive – similar to the ones for success or wealth. Some call it a chemical high. Some fanatics decide to incarcerate it in the boundaries of social structures. There are greater fanatics who declare that they live and breathe only by it. Writers, poets, counsellors and astrologers have built their careers around it.

I see a patient strapped to the hospital bed – paralyzed by analysis and (un)qualified doctors taking notes on the causes and effects of the condition. I don’t understand the hoopla that surrounds the concept. They fear the inherent insanity, but there is so much more of it outside.

May he live again, and walk around the streets in its pure, unadulterated, natural state!

amusement galore

what is all this kerfuffle

about a state

of being that fires some

scares wits out of others?


Tuesday Chatter

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