Who has your back?

I was created from a battle of egos – between a God and Goddess who became my parents. I was gifted with the strength to take on supreme powers of the universe – the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. Yet, it was a sleight of hand that killed me.

I was restored to life by the three Supremos, with a different name and identity. They installed a head on me, which swore loyalty. I do not know when I became a God. Every new initiative needs to be blessed by me. I am pampered in the festive season, when the game is being watched by higher-ups, and the winners are to be crowned. People worship me, because they know the Supremos have my back.

The mythological tale has been played and replayed in politics, corporates and business for aeons, with all its nuances and their convenient interpretations.

(144 words)

Based on the mythological tale on how Lord Ganesha was created.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


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