The patriarch of the family suffered from Alzheimer’s, and his wife had just passed away. He overheard that certain valuables were missing, when her cupboard was opened, and it generated wild guesses and allegations of robbery.

“Why do you think should they get all the benefits? They have grabbed enough in the mother’s lifetime.”

“I did not think about it so far. But why should I not benefit? We are all entitled to an equal share in the assets.”

Greed was spreading like a fireweed. In his fading memory, they were not the children he had known all along.

(99 words)


February 8 — Flash Fiction Challenge


8 thoughts on “Fireweed

  1. I’ve seen far to much of it. Kids who were taught better walk in and take before someone else can do it. In fact, my mother was given all of the ceramics and heirlooms in the house, but the house went to her younger brother who wouldn’t allow her to have them.

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