I came across a theory about souls being reborn in clusters. Those who feel lonely in the world, are the ones who are out of their cluster. I was born and raised amidst alien mindsets.

I chased the slightest hint of understanding or acceptance by others, but it always turned out to be a mirage. I stopped trying, and only grew stronger with it.

I have been abandoned by my cluster ages ago.

strength multiplies

solitary existence

confined in cells

what does abandonment mean

if I have never been owned


Tale Weaver #158 at MLMM

8 thoughts on “Solitary

  1. I am very impacted by this piece. I guess I feel similarly.
    I was reading a book of poems by Bukowski…
    Typical gritty Bukowski stuff about horseracing and women and work and joyful misery…
    Then out of nowhere he threw in this line:
    Solitude is the gift.

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  2. That’s a deep point at the end Reena, does abandonment apply to those never owned? It seems so normal to feel alone in the world even with people around you. Thanks so much for adding your thoughts to this week’s tale weaver.

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