Ice Lollies

My hometown has changed.

I walk into the dessert joint opposite my school, and ask for ice lollies. A young face which gives a déjà vu feeling, greets me to offer a wider choice of desserts. I stick to my preference. Enquiries reveal that he is the son of the founder of the business. It used to be a hand cart where we had ice lollies during the breaks. I am given to understand that the founder has long since passed away. The lolly does not taste as sweet.

I pull out cash to pay, and find that I do not have the required change. He politely informs that they accept all digital payments, and I can choose any other method.

I smile and ask him to keep the change – maybe for a few kids who run short of money. His father had extended us cardless credit many times. Trust was the currency which reigned then. He is amused with my anecdotes.

seedlings become trees

shelter many a traveller

souls remain rooted


Haibun Monday

15 thoughts on “Ice Lollies

  1. It’s disheartening to see society lose its personal touches. I blame technology and our willingness to follow like sheep. I always appreciate those that don’t. Thanks for joining in.

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