Queen Mrignayani

The Maharaja had to marry several times for political reasons. It helped in turning surrounding kingdoms into friend nations, and the borders remained safe. It also helped a conglomerate of nations to rise as a united force, in case of a foreign invasion.

The ‘queens’ were packed like sardines in a can in the huge palace. They had similar chambers done up in different colors, and maids-of-honor at their service. Couturiers and jewellers regularly visited the palace to help the queens look their best at all times.

One of the queens stands out in the sepia tints of history books. She was an accomplished warrior, and accompanied the Maharaja on all his missions. She was labelled ‘less feminine’ by the other members of the harem, for her dusky complexion and the kind of rugged apparel she preferred. However, they were also envious of her closeness to the Maharaja. He consulted her on all his administrative and political decisions. The courtiers too feared her sharp political and business acumen, and propensity to see through deception or fraud.

Queen Mrignayani was the one whose name appears in the portals of history. All the other beautiful inhabitants of the palace have been forgotten.

Sunday Writing Prompt #240

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