The Man Who Talked to Walls

The books on reincarnation by Dr. Brian Weiss fascinated as well as disturbed him. The underlying theory was that souls are often born in clusters, and your equations in this lifetime are influenced by what you have shared in the past. A few unfortunate ones are born outside their cluster, and cannot connect easily to others.

Harvey wondered where his actual cluster was. He was always so depressingly lonely. He was contemporary in a general sense, but his ideas did not strike a chord with others.

“You are an anachronism”, said his professor once, and the remark stuck with him. Did he really belong to this age, or was a time traveller from another world?

He stared at the wall opposite him for hours, awaiting an endorsement or validation of his existence. Was he for real? Did his existence make any sense to this world? How long will he pull on in life, just traversing the same path as others, but never sharing anything with anyone. Will it matter which path he walked on, the diversions he took or the destinations he reached or missed?

He was tired of living in an echoless chamber.


Sunday Writing Prompt #239 It’s All in the Totle at MLMM

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