I step out during the lunch break, and watch a sea of similarly dressed people. The drawl of How are you’s is the same, the smiles equally plastic and the clipped accents all competing to sound like the other. I wonder if I will remember or recognize any of these human machines after an interlude.

Yes, machines. The keyboard has proved to be a great leveller for the human race. Thoughts flow into words, the fingers move on the keyboard, and voila ….. all alphabets look the same. Individualists like me insist on using a signature font, but somehow, it fails to reflect my soul.

A quivering hand does not show that I am upset or angry today. The ink does not spread, because I got distracted by a sight on the left side. My self-centeredness or emotional bent of mind cannot be measured by the left or right slant of the alphabets. Passwords in place of signatures have immensely facilitated frauds. Oh, how could I forget? There is a right emoji for every mood, and I need to classify moods to suit the expressions. This has been one of the greatest inventions of mankind – it churns out emotions in the same manner

And after some time, I think in the language of those syllables, abbreviations and expressions. I am a cog in the wheel which moves on predetermined paths. I contribute to the laudable uniformity of the human universe, unlike the eccentricities of nature.

imitation kills


no two leaves are same


Haibun Monday – Handwriting

10 thoughts on “Individuality

  1. I always admired the lovely script of old, and calligraphy is a wonderment. Alas, I’m adept at neither. Love your beautifully-lettered quote.

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  2. How well you’ve described the uniformity of modern times, Reena, with the ‘sea of similarly dressed people’ and ‘smiles equally plastic and the clipped accents all competing to sound like the other.’ You probably wouldn’t remember or recognize any of those human machines! Computers may speed things up but they are soulless.

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