I have more than one rant:

1. Intellectual Ivory Towers

Three segments of the population show unusual solidarity ā€“ power-hungry, wealth-grabbers and the corrupt. The good people live in their own ivory towers of excellence and so-called self-sufficiency and never bother about coming together to reform the system. The fear of failure is high, and they accept before starting, that they cannot win the battle against evil. It results in a zero check on wrongdoers, and they march on fearlessly. This is the root cause of whatever appears to be going wrong in society, politics and business today.

2. Short-term thinking

An entire generation has not been taught how to plan for the long term, because it suits short-term goals. People with less or no power remain open to manipulation, if they cannot think about the consequences. Exit polls and weather forecasts have all lost meaning, as human behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable. Politics, business and environment all manifest the impact of fickleness of the human mind.

3. Hailing Mediocrity

If one has to destroy a nation without arms and nuclear energy, weaken the education system, hail the mediocre and compliant as heroes and keep people busy in fighting over inconsequential things. One has weakened the pulse of the nation, and destroyed the concept of excellence. The absence of benchmarks creates an open ground for play by vested interests. Things find their own place in chaos, but they are not always in the best or right place.


Sunday Writing Prompt #238 – Rant at MLMM

17 thoughts on “Rants

  1. I agree with your analysis.

    But, can you identify a time or place in which these issues are handled better?

    What is your opinion on how to improve upon these issues? And do you believe this is to be improved by the individual for himself, or should improvements be directed by the state?


  2. Many solid points in this write. The one which stands out to me is that there is a very real gambit to keep people focused on issues of next to no import. Easy to get caught up in the nonsense. This post is a good reminder of what matters, and a peek behind the curtain.

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  3. A writer with a conscience! When the frailties of human nature hold entire nations back, it’s turning a blind eye to corruption, shallow thinking and settling for less…all points you have raised. Very well penned.

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  4. I was in the public school system from 1970 until I graduated in 1983. I became well aware by the time I was in junior high that they were trying to churn out cogs for the machine. I didn’t want to become one of those cogs.
    Although my life did not work out at all like I planned and I now work in a low-paying contract labor job and have to be careful not to earn too much so I don’t lose Medicaid (I have several serious health concerns), I still refuse to bow down and be a happy little cog dependent on my Soma. I’d rather be an angry cog criticizing the individuals and problems you speak of above and trying in whatever small way I can to work for change. I may go to my grave a pauper, but at least I never became one of their kind.

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  5. Great points you make Reena. I worked in a school once where mediocrity ruled and the students who tried and achieved some success were ridiculed for that. So we did things to involve the mediocre to show them what success felt like. We didn’t change a lot but we did change a few to our way of thinking. Its difficult when the society they live in basks in a sea of mediocrity.

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  6. Excellent points! I feel we cater society for the jerks, honestly the amount of power we give them makes me cringe. My daughter is in grade school and the whole class gets punished for the actions of a few bullies. We live in a small town and the kids have been allowed to play at school after hours because there is only one very small park but because a few kids were fighting it is now completely off-limits to all kids.

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  7. Excellent. This corrupt structure of society needs to (and I believe will) change. Unfortunately the paramount factor in making that change is the ‘awakening of the proletariat’ (as us as the masses are regarded) the majority of us seem so unable to see past our noses when it comes too the systematic exploitation of the working man and woman. dragging yourself to work at an in-godly hour, repeatedly trudging away for next to nothing – keeping the cogs of this well oiled machine turning.


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