It hurts….

The young soldier’s wife broke down on seeing her husband with an amputated leg. He had suffered frostbite while serving in the Siachen Glacier at temperatures well below zero. Touching metal with bare hands could cause bites. Six of them would share a tiny igloo made of fiber at night, to keep themselves warm.

Her husband was nominated for a bravery award. He had shot down two terrorists, despite his frozen foot. It hurt to know that the terrorists were dressed in four-layered jackets and Swiss mountaineering boots. The army could not provide its soldiers attire of matching quality.

(99 words)


Flash Fiction Challenge at Carrot Ranch

13 thoughts on “It hurts….

  1. This was a very difficult flash to read because it’s so true. Politicians love war but don’t care too much about outfitting and protecting the young men and women they send off to fight those wars. As optimistic as I try to be, I’m not sure that’ll ever change.

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