Fear that he would outlive ….

He had learnt the hard way that he had to fear smallness of the self in so-called human beings, the greed that emanated from an awful sense of inadequacy, the fear of not being able to face his completeness, the hollowness that led to bragging, the anger at his self-sufficiency, of not needing anybody but himself.

It was the hardest moment of his life – to learn that he had to fear people far below his stature, not those above him. The ones above had only inspired him to keep moving ahead. That was greatness as he saw it from his position. The ones below harmed him in every way they could, and flagellated themselves on not being able to kill his spirit.

A monument to his spirit would never be built, as he did not see any worthy successors. He knew it deep inside, that he will have to rebuild the world in a future lifetime. The speed of deterioration was alarming, and he also feared that he would outlive the end of the world.


Writing Prompt #427


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