Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 20

Welcome to a fresh journey of exploration in 2018!

If there are any suggestions about changing the pattern and format, while maintaining the spirit, please feel free to share.

I am in a peculiar situation this week. While the world celebrates New Year, I have seen a life end, and her partner’s grief. My mother-in-law, aged 86, passed away. Her husband, aged 88, in a frail state of health himself, is grappling to come to terms with the situation.

There is a future as long as there is life – good or bad. Grief and depression are a state where the person fails to see the future, or sees only darkness. The job of a coach/therapist/healer is to make the person see and feel hope. But at the fag end of life, what is the future or hope that a person can see? Peace in death or meeting in a future lifetime?

The coping strategy that I have seen is living each hour/day at a time, planning and executing the steps to be taken to keep body and soul together-TODAY. It is a way of mentally blocking out the negatives in life, by replacing it with a routine.


Coping Up


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Moments when you consider the impossible and dream of the possibility that gives you the courage to move forward no matter how guarded but always hopeful that what you think is not going to happen may well still occur, thrills you to the core.

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