The Dark Kingdom

The frozen filaments of the electric bulbs blinked, but were not visible to people outside, standing in intense sunlight. The shadows in the cellar were trying to escape the soul scathing darkness. The world had almost forgotten the fire in 1983 which annihilated everything but the Paragon creatures. The charred ends of a rope hung outside the window, and the forgotten people still pinned hopes on it for their escape, as they stood by the window after a decade.

“In another week, we shall  usurp power from the King, with guerrilla warfare. Light would at last enter the Dark Kingdom of Injustice.”

Only Martha knew the vile truth, that they would fall in a deep pit populated by venomous reptiles. The King of the country was virtually  a slave to her, as she  satisfied his daily dose of fetishes. She held the remote controls to the administration of the country. The Wrath of the Dryads would be hers, once she killed the Paragon creatures in that pit.

She silently turned the page of the book she was reading “Inescapable: A Mind without Doors”.

The King is a Slave. Long Live the King! There was no hope for the Dark Kingdom.

(200 words)


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