No Return

The regression therapist’s voice was ringing in her ears, but appeared to come from afar, gradually reducing in intensity.

“Enter one of the doors. It is a door to one of your past lives, and an entire story lays hidden there. Go in, explore…. discover who you were …. see what are you wearing …. what do you look like?”

She felt her footsteps getting heavy, but continued to walk, taking one deliberate step at a time. She chose not to stop, or enter any of the doors.

The memory of that session came flooding back, as she walked through the street today. She was determined to leave behind everything. There was absolutely no desire to return or re-enter the past.

A brand new future awaited her, and she would not carry any baggage from the past.

(137 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

16 thoughts on “No Return

  1. In some people’s lives, I believe there are parts of their life their mind shuts off for their own sanity. It’s best for them to not remember unless there’s an emergency where the memory involves the welfare of others. Good writing, Reena.

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