Latent Force

She was not very popular among the locals.

She spent a lot of time on the shore, looking wistfully at the ships, and fantasizing about being on board. She would swim on calm waters to reach there, but the uncertainty of the journey and destination stopped her in her tracks. Where would the journey take her? Would it be better or worse than this life?

There were a few kids playing on the shore, and she decided to move away. Out of the blue, a stone hit her and she found herself floating on air. Soaring high, the intimidating ships and shapes appeared to be tiny and insignificant.

She had discovered her power to fly.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

19 thoughts on “Latent Force

  1. Neat love the POV from the white bird. Almost as if the bird thinks she’s human. Are the other birds of her kind near the yachts, since she is quiet unpopular? Love that she found her wings!

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