I peeped over my daughter’s shoulder to see the ink drawing she was working on, using her fingers and a thin pen.

“It is turning out well, Alice, but where have you seen these spiral lamps before?”

Alice sounded worried,

“These are electromagnetic coils where the turns are not supposed to touch without insulation. I don’t know why my hand shakes, and the coils get closer….. It is not intended to be ….”

The television blared away …

“An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 on the Richter scale is reported to have hit the city. The residents of high-rise buildings have started evacuating …..”

I noticed her face turning pale.

“Mom, I did not do it. My hand is being forced.”

“It’s okay, Alice. Let us move out. See your friends have all gathered outside the building. Funny how we did not notice any movement.”

“No, Mom! I do not want to paint a fallen building and dead people being dragged out. They are asking me to do it …..”

Her ashen face and gleaming,  icy blue eyes shook me to the core, as I encircled my arms around her. She looked and felt different, not like my little girl ….

(200 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

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