Borrowed Light

George quit a high-paying sales job to become a writer. His friends and family were perplexed.

“What made you do that?”

“It is easy to set writing goals for the year. Vision boards are complex when achievement of goals is subject to the ecosystem ….”

“Everything depends on the ecosystem.”

“Sure, but markets are uncertain and sales targets infinitely complex.”

“What triggered that move?”

“I felt like a wishing star living on borrowed light, and dispensing it to fulfil others’ wishes. What if the source dries off? I will cease being a star.”

“What if your books don’t sell?”

(99 words)


11 thoughts on “Borrowed Light

  1. Reena, I like your line: “I felt like a wishing star living on borrowed light…” Sometimes we have to try, and if he was successful as a salesman for someone else, he can figure it out as a book salesman.

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  2. “I felt like a wishing star living on borrowed light” I wonder how many of us have thoughts similar to this. I really liked this one and I really liked the ending. I usually don’t like stories that have an open ending but it was really perfect for this story.

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