The Troublesome Princess

Princess Amanda flew into a rage, and started hurling objects at the Prince. He stood there, shocked and flabbergasted, as she accused him of things he had never dreamt of doing. Two months later, the newly-wed couple had separated, as Prince Steve could not handle her bouts of rage. How she wished she found somebody unbiased, to just listen to her!

Amanda was not angry, but terrorized in those moments of madness. There was a man inside the room, and the door was closed. It transported her back in time, when she was physically and mentally abused by an ex. The brute was so possessive, that he stripped her occasionally, just to check if she had been faithful in his absence. He shared the apartment with a friend, but nobody came forward to help, on hearing her screams of agony. He blackmailed her with pictures she would never have wanted the world to see.

The fear felt so hollow, when the monster walked away quietly, on being threatened by the King and Queen of dire consequences. Why had she not asked for help earlier?

But her problems had not vanished with him. A scarred psyche continued to block future happiness.


Tale Weaver #152 at MLMM

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