Challenge 17My first take and the gaps filled in … The gaps are what we do not find in any resume or profile, and yet drive so much of behavior around us. Success in people-oriented professions needs skills to read these gaps, and in some cases, identify the gaps and find a way to fill them.

  1. Past – My resume line

Professional banker with cross-functional exposure to Channel Management, Product Management, Branch Banking, Business Development, HR & Training


Banking was a career I got into more by circumstance and less by choice. It was a process of ruling out certain options, not getting an entry in the desired fields and accepting the best possible option available. I developed certain skills, expertise and identity with it. Yet, it was not the core of my being. Pure numbers failed to enthuse me.

  1. Present

I am a Coach, career counsellor, trainer and writer.

The fields that I work in are chosen fields, closer to my core. Yet, it is a fluid state, as I need to zero down on one or maximum two options that will rule the course of my remaining life. I am yet evolving.

  1. Future

I plan to be a social entrepreneur and successful author.

This will decide the present course of my action, too. But circumstances will again play a role. Hence, nothing is final, permanent and closed in life.

My metaphor

I am a clear, flowing stream of water, which carries nothing from the past, and helps others to cleanse and discover themselves.

The metaphor remains the same.

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