Manage the Size

Nancy was tiring of her unending sessions with psychologists. One of them had even fallen in love with her. But the problem remained unresolved.

This counsellor was rather crude, and did not inspire confidence. However, it was her last attempt at regaining normalcy.

It began with a regular meditation exercise. Then, the voice boomed,

“Imagine a television screen at a distance, on the other side of a glass. Watch the images that trouble you run through it. Pick up the remote and keep reducing the size of the image. Smaller, smaller, still smaller … convert it to a small electronic file and trash it away.

Watch the mud splashed on the TV set, rains destroying it and weeds grow over it.

Move on, get on with your life…”

Certain fears appear larger than life, but the size can be managed. She felt relieved.

(143 words)


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge

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