Dark Memory

It was a silhouette she could never forget. The raised curve on the man’s head indicated that he was wearing a hoodie, as the opaque figure blocked all light. The liquid in the glass belied the owner’s dark desires, as it allowed light to filter through creating beautiful patterns.

She had identified him correctly in the police station, despite the threatening glances he threw at her. He was arrested for misbehaving with a female employee of the railways. She refrained from revealing that she had also been his victim in the train, on that fateful night of a power failure.

(100 words)


100 Word Wednesday Week 49

6 thoughts on “Dark Memory

  1. Very powerful and disturbing story that is all too prevalent in our culture. Thank goodness women, men, and children can begin to tell their stories, to be heard, to speak out against the verbal and sexual abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of men who either should have known better or merely took advantage of their situation. As a survivor, I am thankful to see these stories be told and shared to not diminish, but spread the knowledge and awareness. Thank you for your poignant response to this week’s challenge ❤

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