Yarns of Caution

Nature is the highest benchmark for acceptance of change. Seasons just come and go, with a self assurance that their time will come again.

How can I be sure that the same season comes back again? The dried leaves and disintegrated flowers will not come back to life. Where do the storms come from? There is a deep discontent churning somewhere, which erupts throwing the world into disarray. What secrets do the volcanoes hide? They offer an occasional glimpse, but fear drives us away.

Understanding is fraught with risk. It might scald sensitivity or freeze the embers that keep us warm. I spin yarns of caution to create a warm comfort zone. I choose bliss in ignorance.

And yet, I wait for a pleasant surprise, that we choose to call a ‘turn of fate’ to change our lives. Was it always there in the making, but I chose to keep it out? The night that I fear might be the chance to shine like a star.

absence of conflict

sun and moon just giving way

without rancor


Haibun Monday

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