Lost in time

This is the opposite of Erasure Poems (erasing words from a given para or stanza to create a poem). I have added words to all the titles given in the prompt.

Shall we call it Patchwork Poetry?


All that lies broken

in the house of bones

is the sound of pride

and jagged pieces

of insatiable doubts.


The old sawmill


their hundredth anniversary

with whispers in the wall

speaking of bygone eras.


The missing eye

with a posterior vision

voices lost in eternity

with dysfunctional ears

Take 2 of a Zombie apocalypse

awaits the souls and spirits.


The Titles given in Sunday Writing Prompt at MLMM

The Old Sawmill
Insatiable Doubt
The Missing Eye
House of Bones

Zombie Apocalypse Take 2
The Jagged Piece
All That Lies Broken

Whispers in the Wall
The Sound of Pride
The Anniversary

14 thoughts on “Lost in time

  1. Wow Reena. That was awesome. Well done, I feel like taking my post down now. Lol! JKA. It’s always fascinating how people can take the same prompt and it turns out so uniquely different.

    Liked by 2 people

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