Evil Spirit

A landscape artist had done this arrangement for his parents, long ago. The birth of a grandchild or any happy occurrence in the family was celebrated in that space with confetti, cake and tiny glasses of wine. His mother believed that the fairies had visited.

The door of the shelter was never opened. It was another belief of hers that evil spirits were locked in there, and opening the door would create turbulence. The family had played along with the beliefs of this very affectionate and lovable old woman.

They stepped in on the midnight of 31st December, to wish her a Happy New Year. The grandchildren had some surprises for her, but were distraught to find their Grammy lying cold and motionless on the couch. She was hale and hearty on Christmas.

The door of the shelter was open. A piece of colored paper was found fluttering near the tiny logs, with his late father’s handwriting,

“If you happen to open this, please clean and shut the door again. Let your Mom live with her fantasies. I will take her with me, when she is not needed around here.”

He wondered what exactly was meant by an ‘evil spirit’.

(200 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

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