The guy in the next room looked like an ascetic, with his minimal style. The girl at the reception told me he stays there for the full season, and will be a better guide than the ones we hired. It was an expensive resort,  and I wondered how this saintly guy could afford the rent for the entire season, even after a hefty discount.

I engaged him in a chat on the breakfast table next morning.

“What do you do for a living, Sir?”

“Just trying to discover the meaning of life,” His smile looked other worldly.

“In this place?”

“Do you see the white figures and structures embedded in stone behind?”

“Yes. Quite charming ….”

“It is a religious belief that the souls which have attained Nirvana live here. They visit the lake every day.”

“That sounds interesting. Have you met any of them?”

“Not yet. I spend a long time here, hoping to meet and learn from them. But it appears that one has to forgo the physical being to understand their world.”

My wife insisted that we cut short the trip. There was something eerie about the place. I guess she was not prepared for Nirvana…..

(199 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

17 thoughts on “Nirvana

  1. Maybe this saintly guy has a way with people to get sponsors for his living, as many do. Or I’m being negative. I wouldn’t mind living there but my family wouldn’t like…Lovely writing Reena.

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  2. The place sounds as minimal as the man. I doubt there’s much to see there if the sights are your main reason for staying. It’s not worth the money unless all you want is peace and quiet. I’d guess his wife wanted more. Good writing, Reena. 🙂 — Suzanne

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