Changing Colors

I picked up a cheap perfume from the counter, and was floating on a cloud after using it. My conservative husband found it too strong for his staid sensibilities.

“Why do you need to use this? You own better stuff.”

“Sure. But this makes me feel young again. I could afford only this brand at eighteen, with my meagre pocket money, but managed to attract attention,” I grinned.

“Aaahh! What are the other brands which you used then? It makes me see you in a new light.”

Our world was changing from a formal gray to an exuberant yellow.

(99 words)


Flash Fiction Challenge – November 30



10 thoughts on “Changing Colors

  1. Scents are a very strong trigger for memories. I find memories trigger scents too. When I put up the (plastic) Christmas tree with the grandchildren on the weekend, I could spell the pine tree. What a gorgeous scent. I guess what I’m saying is, your piece resonates with me. Well done.

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