Fibonacci Spiral

What did I do to deserve this? Fame, glory and just fate …. I had no ambitions of being a beauty queen. I was pushed by an ambitious mother into this contest. The brilliant student of a premiere educational institution feels lost in this cattle market. Every inch of flesh, every curve is measured as I memorize scripted answers for the final round. The appointed mentors feel free to touch and feel me.

the curves of life

conceal complex patterns

controlled by fate

I see a familiar face with a smirk in the audience. Am I hallucinating?

“This is not where you wanted to be. We had planned a tech startup in the Silicon Valley.”

“Go away”, I plead silently, “You were not meant to be.”

“Get me out of your head.”

The much-loved, handsome figure moves away from my sight, with a body language that conveys sarcasm.

love beckons

from a straight life

now a tangled web

I think of the proportionate squares I used to draw – 1,2,3,5,8,13….. I lose count. The beautiful spiral plotted on top of it is not mine, but a web that I am trapped in. It is a cross that I have to carry.


Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MLMM

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