The sky and water are both different shades of blue, as they reflect different realities for each of us. They represent the universal consciousness, which gets contaminated with our thoughts and ideas. I wonder how do fish view the birds in the sky. Do they see projections of their own fantasies, or distorted reality?

We impose a geographical framework, and the sky manifests different colors in different parts of the world. We impose a cultural framework, and the same idol conveys different meanings.

Projections are remoulded reality, as we try to reshape the image to fit into a mould. But moulds are dynamic with a life and will of their own. The process of distortion begins here. The image does not reflect our true self.

straight lines are rare

exasperatingly true

we need curves and arcs

to fit worlds inside us

recreate reality


Photo Challenge 190 at MLMM


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