Grasshopper’s Flight

Akash was a dream my conservative parents had nurtured for 25 years. He was the kind of son-in-law they loved to flaunt in their social circle – brilliant, wealthy, handsome and yet, so grounded in reality. They had invested considerably in his premiere education. My sister fondly called him Grasshopper.

He landed a lucrative assignment abroad, and was ready to fly out. I run a NGO, and work for the less-privileged sections. There was no way that I would have given up a chosen mission, to go abroad with a husband who did not share my values. The Grasshopper was not capable of lateral or backward movement. It was time to say goodbye.

My sister was accompanying him. He would remain the favorite son-in-law of the family. A surprise awaited them – detainment at the airport for a case of forgery filed against him. The Grasshopper always lands back on the ground.

(150 words)


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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