John was perplexed with the combination of subjects I recommended – History, Physics, Philosophy and Anthropology. The final choice was subject to what the college permitted.

“Mom, how do the subjects connect?”

“They build on each other. The concepts explain how a major part of the world functions, and has evolved.”

“There is so much that I don’t know. I don’t get it completely, but I am willing to try…”

His furrowed brow made my heart go out to him. I did not want to subject him to mental torture.

“See the picture on the wall. A light house has been built atop a fort, in the midst of the sea. The fort was built more than a century ago. Engineers have found a place to perch their tower on it, increasing its reach and relaying capacity. Visits to the ancient fort have also increased. Do you see science topping up history, and both drawing from each other?”

“Hmmm…. Anthropology will help me understand the culture that built the fort.”

“Yes. And philosophy will create a perspective. You need not see things the way I do. You will develop your own theories, by combining different branches of knowledge.”

“Thank you, Mom!”

(200 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

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    1. There is an institution called ThinkGlobalSchool. They conduct a three year course taking students to four countries in a year, and letting them learn in the appropriate environments. Students choose 40% of their curriculum. It is a pre-univ course.

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