I am on a wheelchair. I see my hand shaking with Parkinson’s, and thank my stars for escaping Alzheimer’s.

Escapes have been a large part of my creative outpourings. I loved the idea of finding other worlds, and the children lapped it up with glee. My stories moved from fantasy tales for kids, to the more sophisticated sci-fi. The fan following grew in the same proportion. All the wealth and fame that I earned is the result of escapism and adventure.

I am here, today, to thank the Sun for companionship. I have spent hours on the beach with a notebook and pen, graduating to a word processor, laptop and then hand-held devices. The Sun was always an inspiration, as it made its transition to an unknown, golden world every evening. It reappeared again in the morning, looking red with guilt and fired my imagination.

How I wanted to accompany it, and how much have I fantasized about its escapades!

(160 words)


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

13 thoughts on “Escapades

  1. Unfortunately, darkness is intransient in her case. I can feel her helplessness and craving for escapades . If only it were possible in real life.
    A deep and poignant story.

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