A ‘Personal’ Business

“Selling artefacts from India will give a high profit margin. The business projections are positive.”

“It is a new product line. The key lies in creating an interest in India.”

“Sumati Roy is an Indian award-winning writer, who stays downtown. Check with her if she is willing to be a brand ambassador for your project.”

“Invite her to the high tea meet on Saturday. She can meet a cross-section of our clientele there –women of all colors and creeds.”

Nick Morris, her consort and business manager, appeared to be fumbling for words. His voice dropped down a few decibels, and he avoided her gaze.

“Karen, can you forget and forgive for the new project to go on the floor?”

She stopped in her tracks,

“What makes you say that?”

“Sumati’s husband is the abuser, who forced you to flee your hometown, two decades ago.”

Shadows from the past appeared to break through the display windows, and leap at her with impunity. There was a personal business awaiting completion.


Weekly Writing Prompt #116

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