Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 13

Welcome to Week 13!

Working backwards is a tip and trick we have all employed at some stage in life. It helps us to fix jigsaw puzzles or put your business plans in place. The end goal is clearly defined, and we work towards it.

This one Is a little tricky, as it needs you to define the end goal and then work towards it. At times, I write the last line of a piece first, and then work towards it. The process is faster, as a structure has been created. It is applying the same principle to our lives.

Here’s the prompt.

work backwards.jpg

If you do not wish to publish personal details, you can change the visibility to Private Post, and keep it as a part of your personal library. The option has been added, only to include more people in the journey, who are weary of sharing personal stories. Guidelines for publishing options are available here.

We shall be glad if you do share, and everybody benefits from your mental journey. What interests me is the journey it sets you on, and the healing impact it has on you as an individual.  The challenge will continue, as long as possible, even if I do not see any entries linked up to the post.

If you are not sharing your post, just let us know how did you feel at the end of it?

There are no restrictions on the format, size of post or last date. Feel free to join in, whenever the urge strikes.


Last week’s round up

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10 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 13

    1. We have a collection of B SChool coaching stories now, thanks to your contribution. Did a workshop with students of thinkglobalschool yesterday. They travel 4 countries in a year to study a curriculum 40% of which is chosen by the students. It is an innovative concept in education. But guess what the lead educator told me – “We cannot change the system.”


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