Why are giant clocks placed on the top of towering structures? I see time overseeing us, laughing silently as it watches us scramble through life trying to manage it, and yet, be governed by the movement of its hands.


so often misconstrued

as finite

We impose the finite nature of our lives on time, and fail to see the expanse beyond boundaries of the self. I see a lighthouse guiding us through dark, choppy waters to the next phase of our existence.

wheels carrying us

which we do not drive

but think we do

We are still struggling to decipher the relativity of our existence to time. Time travel remains controversial. Life after death is a belief. In the ultimate analysis, the universe is infinite and we have a limited life span that we can remember.

collective memory

is wisdom, how I wish

the soul remembers


P.S. This is an ‘Alternating Prose and Poetry’ piece, not adhering to Haiku or Haibun rules.

Image: Tina at deviantart.com

3 thoughts on “Wheels

  1. That whole concept of time and how we manage it is life long isn’t it. There are days i know where I have just let it drift by and other days where every second has been important for some reason or other….then there are other days where I’m content to let the day happen around me and enjoy what happens.

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