Love across centuries

“My grandpa told me a story when I was a kid. The princess sends a tray with two cupcakes and two coins to her clandestine lover. One of the cakes is crumbled, and the two coins are placed on that. She was asking him to meet her in the broken temple, besides the new one.”

“What reminds you of that story now?”

“The etched figures on the ancient wall have a message.”

“Interesting! What do you see here?”

“The stick figure is etched deeper and overpowers the rectangles on the right.”

“So what?”

“Decipher the code. It informs that there is a guard overseeing their secret meeting place. It is a warning to stay away.”

“Wow! What an imagination!”

“Not really! My girlfriend sent me a similar message today. Just that we have cellphones, with interchangeable SIM cards …….”

(139 words)




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