He bid good-bye to her with a heavy heart. God alone knew that he still loved her. They had obtained their divorce decree today.

Counselling had not helped. She would be back to her recalcitrant ways within a few days. He could not carry the financial burden beyond a certain limit.

“I’ve lost the rights to say this. But seek therapy before you seek a new partner.”

She looked at him condescendingly, and walked away. He wondered if the issue was deeper than mental health.

She was a shopaholic, and divorce was the only option to help him stay afloat.

(100 words)

38 thoughts on “Parting

  1. Oh my that is so easy to slip into for more people than we realize. Credit cards surely make it too easy to realize when a person uses shop therapy and only sees the results a month later. Great story!!

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  2. Kind of the message I gave my son after his divorce. He became involved with a woman actually much worse than his ex and we feared the worst, especially for his children. Fortunately between his cousin and her husband and us, he pulled his head out of his arse.

    Interestingly enough, his ex is prone to depression and shopping for things she neither needs nor can afford seems to be one of her behaviors.

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  3. An insightful take on the prompt, Reena and ties in with mine in a way. My protagonist is a research scientist who is happy in her gumboots and overalls and doesn’t want to get drawn into all the glitz and glamour. We both seem to be wary of the dangers. All that glitters isn’t gold.
    xx Rowena

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