Sunset Years

The book I am reading does not interest me, and I decide to put it back on the shelf. Another problem stares at me. I do not know which other book to pick. They have all lost value.

I need to shed something to breathe easy. But what should I shed? Trees shed leaves, but their roots remain strong and firmly in place. It enables renewal. Hope remains alive. My life appears to be in doldrums. The roots are not strong enough to hold it in the same place.

A shift is imminent, and not necessarily for good.

days are filled with dread

in autumn phase of life

a winter ahead


Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge



8 thoughts on “Sunset Years

  1. This happens quite a bit at this time of year too. It happens to me too. I tend to name it melancholia. And it seems to always be accompanied by a looking forward to the first snow, a warm fire, and the first tulips poking out of my garden. I guess it’s a package deal. Hang in there☺

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    1. That is the first thing we coaches are supposed to do. Get a person from autumn/winter to spring mode. Nothing works without the right mindset. But this is a mental state that people do reach at times,not necessarily in the sunset years.

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