The Key to Success

I hate being in front of a camera. It makes me look fat, and reveals the details that I may not want to be in the public eye.

But you lead a life in the public eye, unless you are meditating on mountain tops.


You may be the best in your chosen genre, but success is a direct function of perception by others.

What do you suggest?

Polish up your video skills. A video resume is the minimum requirement in the modern world. People do not want to read documents.

She wrote the first script. A close friend wielded the camera. She spoke like the camera was her fantasy of a lover. The words poured out directly from the heart, with a full play of emotion. She had acting skills she was not aware of.

A star was born.

The mentor stepped in again,

Here’s your second assignment. Learn to tone down a little, disguise how you really feel.

Ohkk! what after that?

Video tape a conversation with another. Watch the expressions of the other person, observe how you feel about it and respond in an appropriate manner. Your success lies therein.

A change agent was born.


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