Erasure Poem – Labyrinths

The response to Exploration Challenge #11 has been rather inspiring. I happened to come across an article on Labyrinths, which inspired an erasure poem.

More inspiring than that, the two are in sync.

Allow me to share it before the customary Thursday piece.

Source: How walking a labyrinth can trace a route to self-knowledge on Aeon Mag

Erasure Poem

all these transformations

metaphorical and paradoxical

insist on being read

something crucial shifts

an empty space waiting

to be inhabited by the self.


Meditative labyrinths

lead to the same centre

until you feel the urge to enter

stepping into ‘liminal space’


In the labyrinth

you don’t lose yourself.

you find yourself.

you are turning

but following the same line,

you reach the sanctuary

but do not stay there.


piled-up paradoxes

like metaphors

I wasn’t finding myself

I was leaving a piece of myself behind.


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