Weekly Round up of #Week 10

Here is a round-up of last week, with a very BIG THANK YOU to all participants. You not only kept the weekly challenge going, but enriched my life with your perspectives, and a validation of some views that I hold.

It was a journey, not a challenge, and the experience will remain with me.

Last Week’s Round Up

Lady Lee Manila at


Eugenia at


Michael at


Neel at


Jane Basil at


Reena Saxena


8 thoughts on “Weekly Round up of #Week 10

    1. I am throwing an open question here. Is the present format okay, or should we change it? I am fine with posting challenges, where sharing the response is a matter of choice. If it is personal, and somebody does not want to share it, it is fine. The challenge will continue, as long as I receive a feedback of some kind (okay, liked it, this is the problem I have with it …..).

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      1. I didn’t respond straight away as I wanted to have a think about what I might say…I find the challenges quite unique and they do make me think and I like that very much….I also enjoy the philosophical approach you take to the challenges…..For me many of my responses have been personal as I find that is what they asking of me and I don’t mind that they are published on the site as I think the challenges are asking that…..how we respond is often personal and if its an issue for anyone then I guess you don’t do the challenge….but I think if I respond from my point of view its just that, my response, which I note is often very different to how others respond and that is the excitement of these challenges as I know from the one I run….I’ve enjoyed them all Reena, so if you post more I shall look forward to seeing how my brain responds…

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