Kindness Kills

I wonder how I survived as an infant, with so little of life skills. It must have been the kindness of those around me. I read somewhere that human beings are genetically wired to be attracted to a baby, as babies need help.

The Creator had taken care to induce systems to aid survival. Where did we lose it in between? We get misled by a few black sheep who took undue advantage of our kindness, and we ended up looking like fools. We are told that survival is a tough battle, and we need to protect our own interest. It covers us with thick layers of indifference, which is misconstrued as smartness.

What is a miracle? It is an external force which bestows mercy, which brings us back from the brink. Are those forces always external? Look around. Life moves with hope. Hope exists because there is kindness floating around, somewhere in the universe.

stop and look within

there is a soul that connects

in seasons of hope



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