The smiles enticed and the eloquent eyes conveyed different messages. The heads on the mantelpiece in the President’s office displayed his belief in diversity. The same was reflected in the organizational policies for recruitment, and representation on different teams. His efforts were applauded, and he was the recipient of several awards for his diversity and inclusion initiatives.

One fine morning, the world was shocked by the news headlines. The President of a large corporation had been booked for sexual harassment and abuse of power. Nineteen women had testified against him so far, and more were expected. The guys from investigative agencies were in his office, clicking pictures of the place. The HR Head, James Baker, gloomily accompanied them.

“Mr. Baker, I am just curious to know. Why does this piece only have female heads?”

Baker silently hung his head in shame.

Diversity had been interpreted as per the whims and fantasies of the President.

(154 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

Pic credit: J.Hardy Carroll

16 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. Human nature is a difficult thing. It’s best for most of us to never seek positions of great authority and influence because the temptation to abuse such a position must be almost overwhelming. Even those advocating either diversity or “the best person for the job” often succumb to their own standards on which groups are “diverse” and who is the “best person.” A very thoughtful take on the prompt.

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