Reena’s Exploration Challenge # Week 10 – Horace Skant


rebellion(As this is the last of Reena’s Exploration Challenges, let me say how I have enjoyed being a part of each challenge. Thanks Reena for challenging me the way you have.)

When Horace Skant was given tenure at the local university he put on hold his life’s work, at least temporarily.

Horace had spent much of his life answering the question “Why Is It So?”

So when the Dean of Philosophy, Harvey Ivehadathoughtortwo, summoned him to his office on his first day and laid out the nature of Horace’s tenure Horace saw opportunity long denied him.

Horace Skant had lived a long life, most of it on welfare as no one could stand him working for them for than a half day as Horace had a habit of regaling them with whatever discovery he had made into his life’s work.

Not many people were interested in why a cow is…

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