Shades of White

The monk from the snow-covered Himalayas was sent to the plains, by his guru. The guru wanted him to observe the world, and apply his learnings.

“Hey, there! Can I help you?”

“I am new to the place, and looking for directions.” The monk held out the piece of paper he was holding.

“Cross the road. A free meal is being served in the white tents there. But take care of your belongings. There are plenty of pickpockets out here. And yeah, the directions …. ask someone else there. I am new to this place myself.” The stranger smiled and walked away.

On the first day, he was lost in experiencing various shades of white. Seeing different colors would leave him flabbergasted. The world was more colorful than the rainbows he had seen. And the denizens were more accomplished than himself.

(141 words)


FFFAW Challenge

24 thoughts on “Shades of White

    1. Thanks, Joy! The first thing that struck was shades of white – like the accents on a bridal outfit, or the theme of a fashion show. But the presence of a monk gave it a different twist 🙂


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