Irony of Fate

Champa had defied fate and the advice of elders.

Astrologers said that certain planets in certain houses of her birth chart would not allow the joy of motherhood. She was not wanted in the village as a wife or daughter-in-law, as people were keen on producing a heir.

She migrated to the city and found a teaching job. She adopted Rekha, an unwanted child from an unwed mother. Such is the irony of fate! It gives biological motherhood to those who don’t want it. Champa’s life had since centered around bringing up Rekha to be a strong and independent woman. She was now five years old.

And then, this ominous sign appeared on the pink wall of the kid’s room – just as the seers had predicted. It was supposed to be a precursor of ill luck befalling her child.

But Rekha happens to be the daughter of two mothers. Whose chart will decide her fate?

(155 words)





19 thoughts on “Irony of Fate

  1. It’s good that she did not let a chart direct her directons in life. They may have positive results in some cases, but probably just by chance. Champa chose her own choice for the path of her life. Perhaps there are several paths that can be taken, but she made the decision on what to do.

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  2. Birth charts, I believe, are ploys to sistract us and shift our focus from our natural strengths to a vague/ arbitrary pre- destined fate .
    Great story, Reena.

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