The Fancy Date

I should have refused outright.

Jeremy had planned a fancy evening out, in a submarine restaurant. The Ocean Princess had been converted to a high-end jaunt. He was shelling out an awesome amount for this date. Maybe, this was the reason I did not have the heart to refuse.

He was looking into my eyes, while marine creatures floated around us, some looking at this tube with lighted windows, with some curiosity. They had got used to darkness, just like me, and the windows of light felt intolerable.

I must tell Jeremy. My late husband was in the Navy, and he did not return after an underwater mishap. Was he somewhere around? Did the marine creatures know about it? Will I meet him again here, in this setting? With another man?

No. I could not take this anymore. I had to return to the surface, to breathe again, to live again. The oxygen supply was weaning off …


Sunday Photo Fiction


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