Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 8

Hi, all

I guess the challenge is increasing in complexity, but I love the ease with which you handle it. It displays an ability to see your core and react from that point. Encouraging!

There are no rules this week. Not that there were many before. I just reproduce an excerpt from a conversation with psychotherapist Barry Michell, on their tool called ‘The Reversal of Desire’ .

Let’s say you have a confrontation tomorrow and you’re worried about it. The first thing to do is feel the discomfort of confronting someone. It’s probably an ugly combination of worry, anxiety, anger, and defensiveness.

Next, you take all those feelings and push them out in front of you in the form of a big, black cloud. This is a key step because you’re now separate from those feelings. And the separation gives you the opportunity to say, “I see how these feelings have held me back in many situations, not just this one, and I’m determined to move through them, instead of letting them stop me.” The tool allows you to do just that.

The first step of the tool is to scream silently to yourself, “Bring it on!” and move right into the cloud. Once you’re in it, you scream silently, “I love pain.” In this case “love” simply means I am one with this pain—I’m inside it. To get through something, you have to become one with it; then, and only then, can you let go of it. In the third and final step of the tool, the cloud spits you out; you find yourself soaring into a realm of pure light…and you say to yourself, “Pain sets me free.”

The gist of the piece is in the third para. Meditate on it, and write whatever comes to mind – any format. I am okay with jumbled, unorganized thoughts too, as they would reveal quite a lot.

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This will appear every Friday.

Happy Writing ……


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