My childhood friend, Linda was reading aloud from my diary,

“The Circle of Life, Circles of Influence ….. why are you so obsessed with circles?”

“Their non-linear nature entices me. There is no beginning and no end. It corresponds with the cyclic nature of the economy, seasons and life. The efficiency of wheels demonstrates the smoothness of movement. No jagged edges.”

“But it returns to the same point. What about progressive movement?”

“Progressive movement is from the circumference to center, or vice versa. Incidentally, the direction of  spiritual movement is inward. One moves from the easily influence-able edges to a longer lasting core.”

“This could happen with any shape. We are talking about lines here.”

“You have a point. Lines move, but cannot retain anything. Circles can hold things better than other shapes, because there are no corners, and hence, no leakage points.

“Where are you placed in your circle right now?”

“Close to the center. In the younger days, I was influenced by your critique or appreciation. Today, you are unable to change my views”, I smiled.

“Hmmm ……that’s not too good. But I guess it holds good for all of us.”

We ordered another drink for further stimulation.


Inspired by The Four Layers of Influence

Written for Tale Weaver at MLMM


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